Run Faster, Leaner, Simpler, Nimbler

SAP helps you hit your targets for fast delivery.
"Implementation was fast and simple."

Mike Nielson, CEO of Coolshop, an online gaming retailer with 26 employees.

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With SAP software, your IT budget won't melt away.
"SAP isn't expensive."

Philip Delaney, Managing Director of Dairyglen, a provider of ice cream products with 15 employees.

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Like other things in life, SAP software is designed to make work simpler
"A suitable and simple solution for daily use."

Gianni Schisa, Operations Director of Pastificio Lucio Garofalo, a high quality pasta maker with 120 employees.

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Big or small, SAP can set your business on the right track.
"SAP is not just for the big guys."

Mark Heylen, Managing Director of Wolvenberg, a cycling clothing distributor with 15 employees.

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Here are the top ten reasons small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) choose SAP to help transform their business.